Coach for Spirit - Reach your full potential whilst achieving your spiritual goals
Stephanie Barrows: Biography
I have been aware of spirit, intuitive and empathic since childhood, when I often “just knew” things about people and situations instinctively, but was unable to explain how or why.  I now understand that, just like my maternal grandmother and great grandparents, I’m a natural medium.
For many years, I sat in circle to develop my spiritual and psychic mediumship skills.  I’ve now been a working medium, both giving private readings for the past eight years and demonstrating clairvoyance and inspirational speaking on stage and public platforms throughout London and the Home Counties, including: the London Spiritual Mission at Pembridge Place in Notting Hill and Evenings of Clairvoyance for the London Borough of Redbridge Mayor's Charity and Redbridge Drama Centre.
Through meditation with my spiritual guides, I know that one of my main soul purposes in this lifetime is to work with individuals, groups and organisations to enable them to reach their full potential whilst achieving  their physical and spiritual goals.  I believe spirit loves us unconditionally and will positively encourage us to get from where we are now to where we want to be on our life path, faster and more easily than by ourselves. 
For more than 30 years, I have used my coaching skills within many small groups and organisations (including management consulting and market research) to help deliver training to people of many abilties and capabilities (including those with impairments or disabilities) and to bring about change in a wide variety of situations.  I was also a School Governor with responsibility for the Performance Management programme working with the Head and staff to set and work towards achieving their goals in line with the whole school ethos.  I was also Vice Chair when the school was awarded beacon status for it's work on "Learning to Learn".
Using coaching and training, mediumship and meditation, I help others to help themselves to identify their goals and to quickly and effectively make the changes necessary to successfully progress on their physical and spiritual life paths.
Over the years I have studied many aspects of mediumship and spirituality through research into other dimensions and the angelic realms, indigo/crystal children, the use of colour and crystals, psychometry, dowsing, shamanism and trance. I’m often inspired to write poetry, prose and lyrics during meditation. 
I hold a licence as a Registered Approved Medium with the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums and am currently undertaking a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching with the Coaching Academy.